YouTube Rolling Out 1080p HD Video Next Week

If you've been uploading really high-resolution stuff to YouTube, you'll see a real payoff next week. That's when the video sharing service starts streaming videos in 1080p, widescreen TV–friendly, high-definition video.

Video fiends will dig the crispness and clarity now available on the de facto sharing site, but we're more excited about content being just the right size for HD televisions. Services like Boxee, XBMC and others can make use of YouTube's really high-def stuff, and the line between television and web programming becomes even blurrier.

The switch allowing 1080p streams goes live sometime next week. YouTube says those that have already uploaded high-resolution vids will have their videos processed over to the new format soon.

1080p HD Is Coming to YouTube [YouTube Blog]


    Finally! But really, I wouldn't think this is a smart move on youtubes part bassed on the fact that they will most likely be using twice(Ok... a lot more... better?) the bandwidth as before(Some HD videos can get pretty darn large).

    What's the point, I don't think Flash video is GPU accelerated yet so it will kill the CPU.

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