Xbox Dashboard Update Brings Facebook, Twitter And Zune Video To Your TV

The annual update for the Xbox 360 dashboard is here, bringing with it support for Facebook and Twitter integration, and HD streaming through Zune's online marketplace.

To grab the update, just fire up your Xbox and sign into Xbox Live. You should be prompted to apply the update, after which you'll have access to all the new features.

The Facebook and Twitter integration looks pretty solid (and let's face it, Twitter and Facebook are both determined to find a home on every single electronic device you own). Nick at Gizmodo has given the video streaming rave reviews, so that's also a good option, albeit one which might consume your bandwidth at record rates. Overall, if you've got a 360, it's certainly a worthwhile update. 2009 Fall Update [Xbox via Gizmodo]


    will you be able to play the games that are available on facebook? - mafia wars, cafeworld etc?

    Though if you are on iinet, it's all in the freezone. Sweet.

      Tom, the Zune HD video streaming is NOT part of the iiNet freezone. See the link below.


      NO!!! this has popped up on every single writeup I have seen on this feature, but movies are not currently included in the iinet freezone. I have been using it throughout the beta phase, and I can tell you, with absolute certainty, it counts towards your quota.

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