Will Telstra’s T-Box Change The DVR Market?

Will Telstra’s T-Box Change The DVR Market?

If you want a no-brainer TV recording device, you’ve got two choices right now in Australia: the Foxtel iQ or the TiVo. Now Telstra is throwing its hat into the ring with the planned release of its own device, branded the T-Box.

Telstra announced the T-Box yesterday (along with its long-expected Melbourne cable upgrade, but it’s not going to be widely available until next year at the earliest. Nick at Gizmodo has all the specs, but the essential details are that it houses a twin tuner plus a connection to Telstra’s cable network, meaning you can watch unmetered content from the BigPond movie and TV franchises.

Telstra has a share in Foxtel, but the T-Box might be seen as a precautionary measure just in case it’s forced to sell that at some point (which is possible depending on how the NBN negotiations go). The biggest objection is probably having to sign up with BigPond to use the service, which inevitably means a higher bill. But I’m curious what readers think. Does this appeal, or would you rather stick with one of the existing alternatives or build your own custom recording system? Let us know in the comments.

Details On Telstra’s T-Box Announced


  • You are all forgeting that you need to be on the Telstra Cable network! There are large areas of Melbourne that do not have a cable runs.

    FTTH is really the only solution.

  • From telstra?
    I’d rather pass, dont wanna give them a cent of my hard earned money. besides, you’d probably need to have their overprices bigpond service. so it’s a no brainer.

  • I’ve been with Telstra Cable for a year now and even though I have unmetered access to BigPond TV I can’t find anything remotely interesting in the content they’re currently serving up. If it really wants to compete against Foxtel, Telstra will need to bridge the huge gulf of difference in content quality.

  • No way I would send more money to Telstra than I have to. I was trapped with Bigpond for a short while and have had horrendous dealings with both Telstra and Bigpond customer support. Apart from their stupidly overpriced services, their support is the worst. I’ve been burnt so many times from them that I hate that company with a vengeance. Unfortunately I live in the 3% of Australia where Telstra is our only choice for mobile coverage.

  • I live in a regional area and I dont get mobile coverage at my home. if i stand on my roof i might get a telstra signal. but the phone system here is shot too. ADSL works but its still crappy

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