Why Gamers Political Party Wants Your Vote

Why Gamers Political Party Wants Your Vote

Single-issue parties have long been a feature of the Australian political landscape, so it was perhaps inevitable that a group would be created to address one of the more obviously stupid features of the current landscape: the ban on R18+-rated games in this country. On our sibling site Kotaku, there’s a fascinating interview with the founders of the Gamers 4 Croydon party, which plans to run in next year’s South Australian state election.

South Australia is at the centre of the debate since its attorney-general Michael Atkinson is the most high-profile opponent of changing gaming laws to reflect the reality that adults should have choices. David Doe, who founded the party, is rather cleverly pushing the idea that a wider range of games ratings is better for parents, which is a good way of appealing to a parental market that might otherwise see censorship as a not-so-bad idea:

The current scheme without an R18+ rating for videogames is fundamentally flawed, as you see all types of content, which by television and film standards would garner a rating of R18+, being literally shoved into the MA15+ rating.

Hit the link for the full interview, and tell us how you’d better manage the games rating process in the comments.

Exclusive Interview With Australia’s First Gamer Rights Political Party [Kotaku]


  • Playing too many games are antisocial. I reduced my gaming time and focussed on other hobbies, and it has made a big positive impact on my life.
    I occasionally play Guitar Hero or Snowboarding on my Wii, but have limited time for that.
    When I stopped gaming it stopped violent daydreams based on video game situations.
    My conflict resolution skills improved when I gave up the games.
    So I don’t see the need for R18+ games.

    • It’s not an issue of spending too much time playing games. The same can be said of spending too much time doing almost anything really.

      Additionally, if gaming is providing you with the impetus for violent fantasies, you’re still probably experiencing some latent psychological issue and it would be a good idea to seek professional medical advice about this if you haven’t already.

      The point is, as an adult, you’re allowed to drink, you’re allowed to smoke, we’ll let you go in the army and teach you to drop fire on people… But you can’t play a game if ACMA doesn’t think much of it.

      I could understand if the content was in some way particularly horrific, but in many cases, the reason for denying the MA15+ rating seems to fall down to really purile things, like Fallout 3 being banned for essentially depicting the realistic delivery of drugs, even ones that couldn’t be construed as narcotic!

      The OFLC is archaic and out of step not just with what is expected by society, but with how it goes about its principle function. It is supposed to provide a reference point for how we decide whether games or films are appropriate for ourselves or anyone else. Shunting things over into a MA15+ category on such menial grounds is neither useful, nor is it representative of the kind of mindset I appreciate in an office that is supposed to help the public.

      Those that do not like games are in no way forced to play such games and the argument that it will somehow harm children is in my view sadly endemic of a culture of simultaneous apathy towards genuinely looking after children, but also the false hope that legislation on these kind of issues will somehow save children in the face of other issues far more worth our concern.

    • personally i think everyone against this movement are a bunch of “Carebears” who don’t know any better all the power to you guys, also they are probably the whiners from PvP who keep on getting owned regardless. As a Canadian Gamer i understand what your trying to aim for. i think that it’s time Australia updated and opened their doors to “MA+18 rating” in north America we have what is known as the R-18 rating, “Restricted to people above 18 years old, or for [M] Rated : Mature games which is 16 and over” at which it is required by law to show a valid form of ID to purchase the item in question. grow up and move on guys! cheerz

      “Finish the Fight!”

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