Why Gamers Political Party Wants Your Vote

Single-issue parties have long been a feature of the Australian political landscape, so it was perhaps inevitable that a group would be created to address one of the more obviously stupid features of the current landscape: the ban on R18+-rated games in this country. On our sibling site Kotaku, there’s a fascinating interview with the founders of the Gamers 4 Croydon party, which plans to run in next year’s South Australian state election.

South Australia is at the centre of the debate since its attorney-general Michael Atkinson is the most high-profile opponent of changing gaming laws to reflect the reality that adults should have choices. David Doe, who founded the party, is rather cleverly pushing the idea that a wider range of games ratings is better for parents, which is a good way of appealing to a parental market that might otherwise see censorship as a not-so-bad idea:

The current scheme without an R18+ rating for videogames is fundamentally flawed, as you see all types of content, which by television and film standards would garner a rating of R18+, being literally shoved into the MA15+ rating.

Hit the link for the full interview, and tell us how you’d better manage the games rating process in the comments.

Exclusive Interview With Australia’s First Gamer Rights Political Party [Kotaku]

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