Who Won Our SME Tech Summit Contest?

Who Won Our SME Tech Summit Contest?

The judge’s decision has been made: here’s the winners of our SME Technology Summit contest, each of whom get a free pass to the event in Sydney on December 1.

To win, entrants had to come up with a creative way to use Twitter to promote a new business. Jess T offered a simple but effective idea:

I would advertise a competition that over the next month I will randomly tweet the phrase “[brand name]is awesome”. The 100th person to re-tweet gets a prize.

Threeze had a more complex but equally compelling concept:

I would create a website that hooks into Twitter’s authentication. Twitter user goes to that site (following tweets by another user), validates themselves, chooses from a list of scenarios and a comic (personalised to involve him/her and the business) is posted to Twitter (using TwitPic, along with a shortened URL).

If you missed out, don’t forget you can still get discounted registration. Just use the discount code LIFEHACKER when registering and you’ll get 25% off. Thanks to all our entrants and I’ll see you at the summit!

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