Whereis A Great Map Of Australia?

Whereis A Great Map Of Australia?

When you’re choosing an in-car navigation device, it’s important to consider the maps inside- who created them, how often are they updated and how much of Australia they cover. With so many devices on the market the choice can often be a difficult one. So, consider this, if you were lost in an unfamiliar city would you pull over and ask a local or a tourist for directions?

Whereis® maps are created by Australians for Australians. Every year a team of Australian navigational experts drive thousands of kilometres capturing the detail of the Australian roads. Using custom designed high-tech data capture vehicles, they are able to collect road change information, enriching maps and including more location data on safety infrastructure like red and speed camera locations, school zones and railway crossings mapping Australian roads in detail.

The mapping teams also head out to rural, coastal and outback areas to map and refine the co-ordinates of remote roads and 4 Wheel Drive tracks, ensuring that as much of Australia as possible is covered accurately.

If you want a local digital map that goes the extra mile, choose Whereis®.

Footnote: Garmin, TomTom and Uniden all feature Whereis® maps. Make sure you keep an eye out for their devices.

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