What OS Visitors To Australia Need To Know About Tax

WorkingInOzMany Aussies are confused by our ever-changing local tax rules, so it's no wonder visiting workers can find the experience unnerving. The ATO has a helpful guide to how tax rules apply to visitors working in Australia.

Along with explaining the basic rates and key dates, the guide points out a few useful rules even residents should remember (such as not providing your tax file number in job applications). You can get a print copy from the ATO, but given the size of the document the PDF download is probably sufficient.

Working in Australia [ATO]


    Link's wrong, or I am missing something...


      It is a bit confusing ... look over to the right margin column headed up Table of Contents ... second one up from the bottom > Copies of this Publications. CLICK the Italic Working in Aus NAT2414, 132kB, will DL the pdf for you

      BUT here is the link to save the confusion!



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