VRBO Finds Economical Rentals For Your Next Vacation

VRBO Finds Economical Rentals For Your Next Vacation

Looking to holiday on the cheap with space to spare? Check out VRBO to find thousands of vacation rentals at great prices.

If you’re not looking for a hotel experience and would settle for some temporary local shelter for a lot less than you’d pay for a hotel suite, Vacation Rentals By Owner indexes thousands of rentals around the world. You can find cottages, condos, and second homes in locations from rustic to urban settings. Prices range from $US400 a week for a tiny rustic cottage on Lake Michigan to $US4000 a month and up for amenity-laden houses on the Pacific coast. Most of the locations sleep anywhere from 4-20 people, making the cost of rental astoundingly low for a family or group of friends. Why stay in a dive hotel when you can be renting a full out house with a lake view?

If you have a trick or resource of scoring cheap vacation accommodations, let’s hear about it in the comments.

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