Virgin Blue Snafu Means No Free Gold Membership For You

VelocityGoldIt was only last Thursday that we were emphasising the fact that mistakes happen in online commerce, and Virgin Blue came up with a doozy on Friday, emailing everyone on its customer database and mistakenly telling them they'd been upgraded to Velocity Gold.

As Mumbrella reports (and as I saw in my own inbox), that was followed a few hours later by a grovelling email explaining that the message had been sent in error. Just as with the Dell example last week, this is one of those minor annoyances you just have to move on from, though the fact that Virgin Blue effectively spammed everyone it had ever dealt with means the brand damage is probably a bit more pronounced in this case.

Virgin Blue’s gold class Velocity email blunder [Mumbrella]


    Owch. I got this email on Sunday morning and thought brilliant!

    Not sure how they are going to get out of this one.

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