Use Sand To Hold Awkward Objects During Repairs

Use Sand To Hold Awkward Objects During Repairs

Ever need to repair an awkwardly shaped object but have trouble keeping it steady while you work? The always-clever Martha Stewart suggests getting some assistance from sand, using it to hold odd-shaped objects at just the right angle while your glue dries.

Push the piece far enough into the sand so it no longer wobbles, then begin the repair. Keep a plastic storage bin filled halfway with sand in the garage to use for this purpose, whenever something breaks.

We can also see things like kitty litter or sugar working in this same instance—in case you don’t have a bag of sand hanging around your garage. It’s a quick fix that doesn’t require any added assistance or time spent holding things together while drying.

Have a similarly quick household fix methodology of your own? Sound off in the comments.

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  • and if you wish to heat the object, perhaps you can fill a saucepan with salt and put it on your stovetop.

    Salt has interesting heat-holding qualities, i’ve seen chefs pre-heat salt and use it to create a temporary intense heat to cook things superfast (eg: you can use the technique to fry prawns in their shells – the shell becomes crispy)

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