Use Non-Specific Status Updates To Keep Your Home Safer

Use Non-Specific Status Updates To Keep Your Home Safer

Although it’s easy to kill a few minutes here and there while waiting for a plane or a train, updating your social status on-the-go can cause trouble. Keeping them free of too many details keeps your home safer while you’re away.

Home maintenance weblog Charles and Hudson recently highlighted a few great reminders when it comes to home security and our need to be over-sharers on social media sites. It’s tempting for many to write about whatever we’re up to while we’re away from home, it doesn’t take much for spying eyes to determine if your home or apartment unguarded for a free-for-all.

  • Re-think your status updates. If you must make a status update to your social media profile (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) about your holiday plans, leave the dates and locations out.
  • No Addresses Anywhere. It’s best to not include your physical address on any of your social media profiles. The city is as specific as we’d get. Anyone that needs to find you should know you.

Hit up Charles and Hudson for more safety tips on things to remember through the holidays when it comes to your home safety. While we’re on the subject, do you trust everyone on your friend list or consider onlooking random tweeters safe? Sound off your discreet status updates in the comments.

Holiday Home Security: Be Discreet Online [Charles and Hudson]


  • really? come on.. if you were planning on breaking in to a house, would you go on to FB/Twit and try to find a house near you that had a status update saying that you were away on holiday? i mean, just because i’m away doesn’t mean that my house mates are also away.. unless my status update is “oh crap, we are all in bali and i think i left the back door open, can someone go and check for me?”

    this is the same as people breaking in to your house if they find your keys..

    most if not all break ins are random and are not planned based on people being away..

    if you really want to protect your house, have people check your mail, put your bins in and out (even if they are empty) and have someone move your car around in the driveway so it looks like it is in use.. changing the blinds and lights daily helps too..

    status updates while on holiday are just as stupid as saying “don’t have a status update about being at work, because people will break in to your house”

    come on people! if someone is staling you looking to steal your stuff, they probably won’t use your status to make the final decision.. they will just watch you until they know that everyone has left the house..

    man i hate these saftey alerts that do nothing but incite fear in to people!

  • +1 to what adam has said.

    You shouldn’t have a public profile, and you shouldnt add randoms to your twitter/facebook etc anyway… True friends wont rob your house while you’re away lol

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