Use A Paring Knife To Sharpen Your Vegetable Peeler

Use A Paring Knife To Sharpen Your Vegetable Peeler

It’s important to keep your knives sharp for a safe and efficient kitchen, but it’s easy to neglect the other bladed tools, like your vegetable peeler. Food weblog Chow shows us how to keep a sharpener’s edge with a paring knife.

By running the tip of a paring knife along each blade of your peeler, the metal-on-metal action will restore some of your blade’s edge. Most don’t even notice their peelers starting to dull, but once you give this tip a try you’ll dig how much less resistance you’ll have as you take on potato after potato, carrot after carrot, this Christmas.

The same trick can be applied to any metal grater or blade in your kitchen. If you have the patience, try sharpening up your box grater or cheese slicer.

Do you have another tip for keeping non-knife edges sharp in the kitchen? Let us know in the comments.

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