Use A Bungee Cord To Chop Wood More Efficiently

Chopping wood is a satisfying, yet laborious task. Give yourself an efficiency boost with this simple bungee-cord organisation video tip.

Photo by Muffet.

When chopping large diameter logs into more manageable and fireplace-friendly sizes, it can be a pain to keep all the pieces upright as you split them. Check out the video below to see how the simple addition of a bungee cord means you'll spend more time chopping and less time setting up logs to be split.

Bungee cord or not, that guy is a wood-chopping machine. Have a tip or trick related to chopping wood or heating your home with it? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Splitting Firewood [via Re-Nest]


    Nice if you have timber with a perfectly straight grain but this wouldn't work with the trees I get around here. I can't recall every chopping a piece of wood that came apart that cleanly.
    Secondly, I thought chopping directly on the ground caused the axe to go into the direct when the wood split, thus dulling it. Is that not the case?

      You're right on all counts.

      1: Australian wood is much harder than american wood, and most gum doesn't have a straight grain. I'd love to see this guy try the same thing with some red gum!

      2: Never split wood on the ground, you will stuff your axe. Thsi guy is splitting a very tall round, which would be fins in an open fire, i can tell you that the sections he is cutting won't fin in a slow combustion heater like a coonara, unless it's a really big one. if he had of been using a smaller sound, he would have hit the ground.

      you too can split wood like a machine, if you are happy burning Pine and are happy to have your flue catch on fire..

    That old man would kill me in a street fight.

      No shit Einstein he has an axe!!

      I was hoping for some rubber band wood chopping machine here.
      Not some rope and an Occy strap device to be safe. This the internet FFS.

    Gotta agree with him about the Fiskars axe though. It works a treat even on Aussie wood. Once you've used one of them, you just won't be bothered with any other...

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