Unit Man Explains New Pricing Rules

UnitMan Unit pricing becomes compulsory in most large supermarkets from the beginning of December. Just in case saving money itself wasn't enough, the ACCC has introduced a cartoon character to help explain the concept. Hello, Unit Man!

We detailed back in July how unit pricing — indicating how much foods cost in a standardised measure, making it easier to directly compare pricing — will work. Unit Man (winningly described as a "caped calculator character" has a simpler explanation:

Unit pricing is a labelling system that helps you compare prices and value at the supermarket. By using standard units of measure you can easily compare the price of products, regardless of different sizes or brands.

You can download a PDF booklet explaining unit pricing from the ACCC, which could be useful when dealing with numerically-challenged friends and relatives.

Unit pricing [ACCC]


    I reckon all the unit prices should be listed on a website to compare the pricing with all the supermarkets and each suburb. Similar to

    www.boozle.com.au for spirits and beer!

      Hmmm... That idea sounds familiar... Oh wait, Grocery Choice was supposed to do that. Instead, the government scrapped it just before launch.

    Looks more like a tool than a unit...

    My supermarket (Franklins) has been using unit pricing for ages now. It's really not hard to understand, even my 11yr old knows how!

    Not really sure why customer convenience has to be legislated, but whatever...

    Explaining it seems a bit odd; isn't it intuitive at first glance?

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