Turn A Wine Bottle Into Mood Lighting

Turn A Wine Bottle Into Mood Lighting

Two things that always seem to be in surplus around the holidays are empty wine bottles and strands of Christmas lights. Turn the two into a novel lamp with this simple hack.

You’ll need a wine bottle, a short strand of Christmas lights—they used a 50 bulb stand for the bottle pictured above—and some basic shop tools like a a drill with a glass drill bit, masking tape, and safety goggles and gloves.

You drill a hole in the bottom of the bottle—the near the bottle on the side, not into the bunt—and feed your lights in through the hole. Plug it in and you’ve got yourself a rather novel little bit of mood lighting. Check out the full tutorial at the link below for tips and tricks on drilling glass.

Have a novel holiday decoration or mood lighting idea? Let’s hear it in the comments.

DIY: Wine Bottle Light [Wit & Whistle]

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