TubeRadio Turns YouTube Into Jukebox

YouTube's a quick source for hearing the occasional music track here and there. With TubeRadio, you can hunt down music on YouTube more efficiently and even find entire albums through a helpful search interface.

Unlike the hunt-and-peck searching you get when you use YouTube's own search for music that interests you, with TubeRadio you can easily select a whole album and listen to all the tracks. In our test we selected a half-dozen albums and only a single song was missing from the entire playlist. Check out the video below to see TubeRadio in action:

Have a favourite site or tool for listening to music online? Let's hear about it in the comments.

TubeRadio [via gHacks]


    i like tuberadio its great is there any law saying you cant use this in a public place like a pub?

      IANAL, but pubs (and other public venues) have to pay specific licensing fees in order to play music. No idea if TubeRadio would be covered by that or not, but at a guess I'd say not.

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