Trading Post To Allow Ad Submissions Via Mobile

Trading Post To Allow Ad Submissions Via Mobile
tradingpostThe print edition of the Trading Post is dead and buried, so Telstra is focusing all its attention on making the online version profitable. Next step in that process? Letting people place advertisements directly from their mobile phones.

Stuart Corner at iTWire reports that while there’s no specific date, Telstra was boasting at its recent investor open day that a complete ad placement service for mobile phones (including paying for the ad) was in the offing for the classifieds and auction site. (It already allows searching and bidding on the existing mobile version .

While we suspect most people who need to sell something can probably wait until they’re in front of a PC to flog their second-hand goods, it seems a sensible move. With luck, Telstra won’t restrict it purely to users of phones on its own network either.

Trading Post to accept ads from mobiles [iTWire]


  • I applaud them moving toward an iPhone app, but maybe they should just down the whole thing. I just don’t know that sales in the Trading Post really works that much anymore.

    Some of the local real estate portals (another form of classified) work very, very well on the iPhone but there’s an inherent logic there in that it’s linked to maps, real estate agent phone numbers and the fact that on a Saturday morning the phone is easier than a newspaper to throw on the seat of the car. Maybe if trading post worked to localise the sales of things again via the iPhone app it might work, but the jury is out!

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