Top 10 Apps You Can Use Just About Anywhere

Top 10 Apps You Can Use Just About Anywhere

Whether your must-have data lives in the cloud, on your laptop, or just on a different operating system, you shouldn’t have to use sub-par tools to get at it. These downloads work where you do, and they also just work.

Photo by Mykl Roventine.

All of these applications can work on all three major operating systems—Windows, Mac OS X and Linux—and most can be loaded onto a thumb drive and run on any Windows system. Some can also be accessed from the web, and a few have dedicated mobile apps for most phone platforms. We’ve distinguished which apps work where at the front of each post. If we’ve missed any platforms, please tell us so (politely!) in the comments.

10. Buddi


9. KeePass

Computers, portable, phones:

8. TrueCrypt

Computers:made to run portable

7. Thunderbird

Computers, portable:imminent release of Thunderbird 3

6. Pidgin and Adium

Computers, portable:

5. Miro

Computers, portable:

4. 7-Zip

Computers, portable:

3. Firefox

Computer, portable, and (coming soon on non-Maemo devices) mobile:XmarksWeave

2. Dropbox

Computers, web, mobile:sync folders from anywhere on your system

1. VLC Media Player

Computer, portable:just yesterdaymastering your digital media with VLC

What apps are always with you, or always downloaded, when you’re switching between systems, travelling, or otherwise away from your preferred setup? Do tell us in the comments.


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