The Mega-Mouspad Office

Having a mouse pad that won't stay put is a pain. Today's featured workspace circumvents the problem of the too-small and slide-around mouse pad by making a custom pad big enough for the mouse, keyboard, cup of coffee and more.

Lifehacker reader 037 was sick of tiny mouse pads. The solution was to go a local rubber supply shop (Canal Rubber in NYC) and pick up a big sheet of the same rubber mouse pads are backed with. The entire workspace is coordinated with the damask-print fabric the mouse pad is covered in—the Chumby, pen cup, and even the computer desktop are all done in white and red damask. Say what you willl about the colour or pattern, having a unifying element in an office really gives it a personality.

The Mega-Mouspad Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    Mousepads seem kinda pointless with near-ubiquitous optical mice around.

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