The Light Sabers And LEDs Workspace

The Light Sabers And LEDs Workspace

What has three screens, a couple test servers, and a light saber? Possibly a remote rebel-sponsored code farm but definitely today’s featured workspace.

Lifehacker reader cGarst has put together a simple and uncluttered workspace for himself. A combination of dark colors—green on the walls and black for the worksurface, chair, and file cabinent—combined with downlighting provided by some inexpensive IKEA LED pucks makes for a dramatic workspace.

You can click on the photo above or this one below to get a closer look. If you want additional information about things in the picture check out the photo notes on his Flickr stream at the link below.

The Light Sabers and LEDs Workspace [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


  • Could someone point me to these “inexpensive IKEA LED pucks”, or an equivalent? The grundtal range offered in Australia is neither inexpensive ($20 each), nor LED (halogen).

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