The Kindle Store Seems To Be Shrinking

The Kindle Store Seems To Be Shrinking

Nick over at Gizmodo loves himself some Kindle, but he has noticed one disturbing trend: the range of books available on the service has gotten smaller since its international launch.

Having tagged the last two books in a three-book sequence for future purchase after buying the first one, the affable Mr Broughall was somewhat disturbed to discover that they’d vanished from Kindle’s listings. As he points out, the big lesson is that if you want to get a series of titles, it’s probably best to buy them all at one time, even though economically that’s a right pain in the rear. To lessen that burden, check our guide to saving money on books (electronic or otherwise).

Why Are Books Disappearing From The Kindle Store? [Gizmodo]


  • One reason the number available is shrinking is that Amazon has been cleaning up some of the duplicated free/cheap books available, to make it easier to find a clean copy of what you are looking for.

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