The Gingerbread Announcer Desktop

The Gingerbread Announcer Desktop

Reader andykashyap85’s Mac desktop proves that sometimes simplicity is all you really need for an awesome desktop that helps keep you motivated.

The simple OS X desktop consists of nothing more than:

  • Wallpaper: Announcement
  • Geektool Quote of the Day: curl -s | sed -n “/<!–Add Quote for correct day–>/,/</TD>/p”|sed -e “s/<[^>] *>//g” |strings|fold -sw60
  • Geektool Time: date +%D
  • VLC Icon
  • See Andy’s full post for more details.

Want to create your own OS X desktop customisation? Check out our guide to monitoring your Mac and more with GeekTool to add basic system stats and information, then learn how to add a desktop calendar with GeekTool.

The Gingerbread Announcer Desktop [Flickr]

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