The Gingerbread Announcer Desktop

Reader andykashyap85's Mac desktop proves that sometimes simplicity is all you really need for an awesome desktop that helps keep you motivated.

The simple OS X desktop consists of nothing more than:

  • Wallpaper: Announcement
  • Geektool Quote of the Day: curl -s | sed -n "/<!–Add Quote for correct day–>/,/</TD>/p"|sed -e "s/<[^>] *>//g" |strings|fold -sw60
  • Geektool Time: date +%D
  • VLC Icon
  • See Andy's full post for more details.

Want to create your own OS X desktop customisation? Check out our guide to monitoring your Mac and more with GeekTool to add basic system stats and information, then learn how to add a desktop calendar with GeekTool.

The Gingerbread Announcer Desktop [Flickr]


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