The Cost Of Moving Overseas

The Cost Of Moving Overseas

For many young Australians, moving overseas to live and work is a key life experience. But just how do you budget to make it happen?

The Cheap as Chips blog details some of the unexpected costs associated with making a move (in the case from Melbourne to Germany). While some expenses — like finding a place to live — apply wherever you go, others can be specific to your new location, as Tehnyit points out:

The winter in Germany is totally different to the winter in Melbourne. For the kids, they will need to “upgrade” their winter clothing. The clothing includes their shoes, coats and jackets, thermal underwears, hats and beanies, gloves and mittens, and the list goes on and on.

Virtually every country has different challenges; many Aussies doing the traditional stint in Britain (a trend dating back several decades, as the accompanying extract from The Adventures Of Barry McKenzie demonstrates) don’t realise they’ll be slugged for a TV licence fee. If you’ve made the move overseas at some point, what expenses have surprised you? Help others avoid your fate by sharing in the comments.

The cost of setting up to live in another country [Cheap As Chips]


  • If you’re taking a pet dog or cat with you, you need to be planning at least 6 months out so that rabies vaccinations can be put in place. Talk to a vet or a pet transport company *immediately*.

    For a large dog, airfare can run to thousands of dollars.

  • Shipping personal effects.
    In my experience, it would be cheaper overall to just buy everything you want, new, when you get there and when you get home. Anything you can’t take in your baggage, get rid of it.
    Also, if you’re staying for a while, don’t pay for storage. Get rid of your stuff and buy it again when you get back.

  • I’ll be studying abroad to Canada in the winter so i’m wondering how to buy the right clothing and from where. I’m thinking of just stopping over in seattle first and then make my way to vancouver? I would also be buying snow gear since i think everyone that does an exchange over there goes for that reason =D

  • I have not had any personal encounters of moving internationally but I know that the main concern should be about costs. You would need to plan your budget wisely and travel light if you want to ensure you have sufficient to pay removalists who would ensure all your belongings arrive safely at the new location. Also, organize your things and use standard-sized boxes to ensure a smooth process throughout.

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