Ten Rules For Raising Your Kids To Be Happy

Ten Rules For Raising Your Kids To Be Happy
HappyKidsParenting approaches differ widely, and so they should — kids are individuals, not dough to be shaped identically by your cookie-cutter personality. With that said, a few guidelines are always welcome, and our sibling site Babble has a neat list of ten approaches that might help ensure your kids grow up happy.

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Regular columnist Dr Happy outlines his approach to making both kids and families content, and while it might seem obvious stuff, the stressed out parents and kids I see whenever I visit a school suggest otherwise. One of his observations is also good advice even for those of us without offspring:

Happy people don’t just ask “what’s wrong and how can I improve?” they also ask “what’s right and how can I do more of it?”

Hit the post for the full lists, and give us your own happy kid tricks in the comments.

The Ten Commandments For Raising Happy Kids [Babble]

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