Temporarily Magnetise Your Screwdriver For Fumble-Free Repairs

When you're tinkering, especially on a project with tiny screws, it can be intensely frustrating to have a screw disappear into the carpet or inside your project. Temporarily magnetise your screwdriver with this simple trick.

Instructables user Larry SDonald found that magnetised screw drivers were handy, but they have the downside of being unsuitable for working around magnetically-sensitive equipment. His solution to the problem — rather than buying duplicates of all his tools in magnetic and non-magnetic models — was to simply attach a small neodymium magnetic to the shaft of non-magnetic screw drivers to impart a temporary and powerful boost.

Once you remove the magnet the magnetism dissipates and the tool is rendered non-magnetic again. Have your own handy tool hack? Let's hear about it in the comments below.

Optionally-Magnetic Screwdriver


    Lifehackers, This doesn't just work for 'normal' screwdrivers; works great on electric/battery screwdrivers too. I just use a slightly bigger magnet - time to pull apart that old 10Gb IDE HDD you have been saving 'just in case'

    @matt don't use it on anything to do with computers (ie. hard drives), as you can stuff-up delicate components.

    this will eventually magnetise the screwdriver a little too, just for reference.

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