Tape Warranties To Large Items For Easy Retrieval

Tape Warranties To Large Items For Easy Retrieval
It might not be worth paying extra for extended warranties, but it’s certainly worth exercising the ones you already get. But what happens if there’s a problem and you can’t find the documentation? Reader Alan recommends taping the warranty to the device itself.

Picture by streetart-berlin

The concept apparently came up during a chat between Alan and a mate, which he thoughtfully forwarded to us. After briefly discussing the notion of keeping game receipts inside game covers (itself not a bad idea), they get to the nub of the issue:

My mate has a projector, has its warranty taped onto the bottom. No one every thinks of doing that. Next time I buy something I’m totally taping the warranty onto it!!

For large items that’s a pretty reasonable idea, though part of me would worry about the heat generated by a projector or big-screen TV. However, if you’re not the type to keep a neat “warranties” folder in your filing cabinet, it’s worth considering. For an electronic solution, check out previously mentioned Warranty Elephant


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