SuperSeeker Finds Your Forgotten Superannuation Payments

SuperSeekerHad a bunch of jobs and a bunch of different superannuation funds? SuperSeeker helps you track down superannuation payments you may have misplaced or forgotten about.

To access the service (provided by the ATO), you'll need your tax file number and date of birth. Plug them in and it will list any unclaimed funds. Enough details will be provided to help you get in touch with the fund and claim or roll the super into your current main fund. It's a one-trick webapp, but a trick worth performing for virtually anyone who has had multiple employers.



    Need to remember that your lost super generally only finds its way to this site once your account has been inactive for at least two years.

    That means where any contact is made - i.e. your address is changed or your previous employer contacts the fund to advise you are no longer with them, then the two years are reset and you won't find your super.

    These things never ever work. How do I know? Because I have super from different jobs and have called up and transfered all the balances into one. But before doing that, several of these 'SuperSeekers' did not register any balances.

    Works for me :D

    I discovered $8.02 at the unclaimed super fund!! Yay!

    Find my super

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