Sisimizi Organises Your Video Game Collection

Sisimizi Organises Your Video Game Collection

Windows: Gaming is fun. Organising all your personal video games isn’t. Sisimizi takes the hassle out of managing your collection so you can get back to raiding villages and killing zombies.

Sisimizi Game Catalog is a free, open-source database application that supports classic and recent video game consoles. It retrieves game info from the internet, imports from other databases or formats, and even keeps track of games you’ve loaned out to friends. Sisimizi groups games by platform, year or genre, and you can even tote it around on a thumb drive or USB stick.

Do apps like this help you manage your towering piles of video games or do you have a better method for keeping track of them all? Share your ideas in the comments. Sisimizi is a free download for Windows systems only.



  • As is – useless. it’s a local cache of game information on your hard-drive. Big deal.

    If there was a feature to point to the game’s ISO file on your network, have means to mount and run the game – and top that off with a game library browse tool to peruse and then run your games… then I’d be excited…

  • I really don’t see the use in this. If I install a game either in steam or from a hard copy, an icon appears on the desktop which I drag into a folder called games. It’s not that hard.

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