Is An Open-Source Scratchpad Webapp Is An Open-Source Scratchpad Webapp

Want to get writing without having to worry about fonts, formatting or anything else, really? signs you in using Google, offers revision history and looks like a text editor from a classic black-and-white Mac.

SimpleText’s developer calls his app “human-sized” and means it. It’s not intended for hosting gigantic text files, or storing sensitive information. It’s just for writing out something, saving it and copying it out for use elsewhere, or printing if you’d like. If you don’t dig the idea of storing your text on Hog Bay Software’s servers, you can download the source code and try it out yourself. If you’re a fan of WriteRoom for iPhones, it’s one of the applications already working with SimpleText’s API.

SimpleText is free to use, requires a Google account to sign in with. [via Download Squad]

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