Selling Homes And Scrapbooking: A Compact And Organised Office

What do you do when you've got a limited amount of space and you want to pack in work and play? You maximise your storage space and organise carefully like in today's featured workspace.

Lifehacker reader GrayDrakeFX put together a home office for his wife who — as anyone who scrapbooks or is married to a scrapbooker knows — had quite a lot of stuff to organise and store. He writes:

Built for a Realtor who is also quite the amazing artist, this workspace had to have a dual personality.

The goal here was to transform a spare bedroom into my wifes office and creative suite. As a realtor she needed a space for her business and as a creative genius she needed a space for her creativity to flow too. So we put together this dual discipline workspace that while small really works.

There are some interesting uses of IKEA items to maximize space and you will there is not much wall space left :)

While minimalism is all the rage in workspace design, sometimes you simply need to have the space to store all your stuff. Today's workspace makes excellent use of available space and keeps a large volume of tools stowed away and neatly organised while keeping them accessible to the person working in the space.

Selling Homes and Scrapbooking: A Compact and Organized Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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