Rainmeter 1.1 Makes The Enigma Desktop Even Easier To Use

Rainmeter 1.1 Makes The Enigma Desktop Even Easier To Use

Windows only: The latest version of the popular Rainmeter desktop adds an excellent new tool that makes it easy to manage your library of skins, with previews, detailed setup instructions and more.

Once you’ve run through the simple installation process and launched Rainmeter, you’ll be presented with the latest Enigma 2.6 desktop, and a quick-start panel that gives you access to all of the option panels easily.

The great new addition is the RainBrowser interface, which makes it easy to preview all of your installed skins, read the installation instructions, access skin settings and even restart Rainmeter right from the interface.

The full list of changes, as explained by the Rainmeter team:

  • A new utility called RainBrowser helps users manage their library of skins through a GUI interface. RainBrowser lets you preview skins, read detailed setup instructions, and even search by tag. Thanks to the addition of skin metadata, this is something other apps can take advantage of, as well.
  • Taking a cue from HTML5, skins may now use local fonts. This means you can design and download skins with gorgeous fonts without having to fully install them in Windows.
  • Instead of a lot of tedious and repetitive coding, new stylesheets let you customise appearance and settings for many skins at once.
  • Enigma now supports Google Calendar, Yahoo! Weather, Winamp and Foobar right out of the box. New skins also let you monitor your WiFi signal, world clocks, and even the current moon phase (which has been requested surprisingly often).
  • Rainmeter’s improved interface lets you middle-click to cycle through a family of skins and launch useful addons from the context menu.
  • Last time, many readers were frustrated by having to add skins to their desktops one-by-one. With the new pre-made Preview Theme, you can make your desktop match the arrangement in the preview screenshot with one click.
  • The instructions have been expanded into a full-sized PDF manual.

The latest changes make Rainmeter not just a powerful desktop customisation tool for system themers, but something useful for just about anybody that wants to customise their desktop without a lot of tweaking. Rainmeter is a free download for Windows only.



    • Don’t know if it’s the same (because I stopped running Sophos) but I had some experience with it picking up applications like VIM (which is a text editor) and a lot of random exe files all as this one particular trojan. Might be worth swapping to some other AV software and giving it a run through that.

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