Qantas To Use Smart Cards To Speed Up Check-In

Qantas To Use Smart Cards To Speed Up Check-In

Airlines in Australia already offer online check-in and kiosks at airports are already pretty much the standard. Next year, Qantas will begin testing a service that eliminates the need to print boarding passes and should make it easier to drop off luggage.

AAP reports that the new service, which will be trialled in Perth next year, will give frequent flyers a permanent baggage tag linked to their frequent flyer card. Baggage will be able to be dropped off after swiping the card on a reader — a much speedier process hopefully than the current queues. The card will also serve as a boarding pass, which seems like a good way to cut down the amount of paper I lose at airports.

I don’t think this model will convince me not to fly with only hand luggage whenever possible, but it certainly sounds like a better arrangement when you have to travel with more gear. How would you use technology to speed up check-in? Share your vision in the comments.



  • The RFID baggage tag does not only improve the flow of transportation for the luggage, I was told it will be highly upgrated to “automatical convey belt transferring system”, which means the movement and identifying speed will be much faster and accurate than manually, also saves money.

    When somebody mitaken others’ bag intentionally to take out, with a powerful reader on exit gate , it can be recorded in database, compared using with CCTV camera, the person can be located fastly.

    Luggage checking will be more convenient if there is broadcasting device , depends on the reader, current tag Qantas will use might be over 20meters in a range of reading ability, which means if there is enough readers cover the whole lobby , waiting room seamlessly , whenever somebody lost their luggage they would find it/them by checking with management.

    It was said May.2010, but seems to be delayed.

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