Put On A Duvet Cover Without Losing Your Mind

Put On A Duvet Cover Without Losing Your Mind

Duvet covers offer versatility to your down comforter, and although they’re easily removed for washing, putting them back on can be quite the conundrum. A user at video site Videojug offers a quick and simple trick.

The trick: Turn the duvet cover inside out, hold onto your comforter at the corners, and shake the duvet down over the top. Check out the video up top for a physical demonstration (we dare you to count how many times they say “duvet”).

If you’re not a duvet person, maybe you’d be better served with a quick guide to making crisp hospital corners. What gives you the biggest headache when it comes to making the bed? Sound off in the comments.

How To Put On A Duvet Cover [Videojug via Craftster]


  • what’s the difference between a duvet, doona, or quilt?

    At any rate, for the one which is a giant pillow case over the stuffed interior – I stick one hand inside whilst holding the corner of the duvet/doona/quilt and then grab that corner from outside, repeat with adjacent corner, then shake. Much easier than turning it inside out first.

  • I do this with my doonah covers anyway. When I take the ocvers off they end up inside out and are washed inside out, then I put them on inside out. It’s the only way I’ve ever learned to put a cover on. It kinda shocked me that others don’t know. I feel smart now =)

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