Orb Streams Your Media To Any Computer On Windows And Mac

Orb Streams Your Media To Any Computer On Windows And Mac

Windows/Mac only: Free application Orb lets you access music, video and other media stored on your computer from virtually any device (Wii, PS3, mobile phone, etc). It’s been around a while on Windows, but today it’s also available on the Mac.

We’ve been fans of Orb for years now, having used it to stream music to any PC and use our Wii as a media centre, and now the same sort of great functionality is available to both Windows and Mac users. Using it is dead simple: Just install the Orb application, point it toward your media, then head to http://mycast.orb.com/. Once you log in, you can access any of your media through your browser or device-specific interface. (See our guides above for finer points on different devices.)

As Macworld points out, Orb is also now available as a $12.99 iPhone app or a free trial app. It isn’t cheap at $13, but if you’re an Orb user, the easy access it provides to all of your computer’s media is a pretty sweet deal.

Orb is a free download, Windows and Mac only. If you’ve been a die-hard Orb user all these years on Windows, share your experience with Orb in the comments.

Orb [via Macworld]

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