Optus Blocking Paid Android Apps

Optus Blocking Paid Android Apps

In theory, an Android phone should be able to run anything. In practice, it depends on your carrier — and if that carrier is Optus, you might not have a lot of choice even if you’ve paid for an app.

At APC, Neerav Bhatt reports that Android users on Optus can’t make use of paid applications, whether they’ve purchased the phone through Optus or bought in their own phone. Optus says it’s working on building a store, but there’s no immediate fix in site — so if you fancy some Android goodness, hunting further afield for a carrier seems a wise choice.

If you do have an Android device, get it juiced up for productivity with one of our three lists of useful Android Apps.

Optus deliberately blocking Android paid apps [APC]


    • About the only reason I gave in and rooted my phone was because of Optus’ delays publishing the 1.5 release. When they finally did I went back to the Optus version for a shortwhile, but am running the Cyanogen version again now, and it’s brilliant. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

  • Yeah got that response from them via twitter ( @optus ) the other day. Very disappointing re no paid apps availability. Slack really!!!

    Would also like next update to new OS for the phone.

    The joy of being an early adopter…..!

    • I’m fairly sure they’re not. But as the linked article mentions, a lot of them are sold with long term contracts.

      I’m not happy with the service Optus are giving me – I rooted my phone specifically because Optus took so long pushing important updates. And now I’m exploring using 3rd-party or reverse-engineered market apps so that I can see what sort of non-free applications are around. But the spectre of a heavy penalty for breaking my contract keeps me tied to their sub-standard service.

  • I own at HTC Magic 32A which I have rooted and installed a custom Hero rom on.

    I was with Optus for the past 5 years, until they ripped me off recently so I changed to 3. Aside from the patchy coverage, I’m loving 3.

    If you have an Android phone, I recommend rooting it and installing your own rom. Using a rooted phone with Marker Enabler you can bypass paid application restrictions and you also don’t have to wait for your provider to update your OS version.

  • Can’t wait for my contract to expire…
    WTF are you thinking optus?
    There is already an android market – why would we want to be limited to the apps you deign to sell to us?

  • I am a bit stuck on the technical term “rooted”. Does this mean unlocked?

    And the term “rom” was also mentioned – does this mean android phones work fundamentally differently from other phones, or am I correct in understanding all mobiles have rom’s capable of having upgraded firmware flashed into their memory?

  • This is ridiculous. Since when does the network operator decide what applications my phone runs or lets me buy? Since never. My contract is up in January, then I’m buying an unlocked phone outright and going somewhere that doesn’t try to profit by dictating my access. It’s a wonder I stayed with them for 13 years.

    Lift your game Optus, I’m not interested in your app store.

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