My Weekly Browsing Schedule Visits Sites On Given Days

MyWeeklyBrowsingSome sites you'll visit every day; others you'll visit when you get an RSS notification; but some you might want to hit only every Monday. Experimental Firefox extension My Weekly Browsing Schedule lets you automatically open up sites when specified days and times come around.

For each site you add, you can specify which day of the week and times it opens at. You can also specify sites to automatically load at startup, and tweak various other options. For really complicated setups, you can even import data from a text file.

The obvious use that occurs to me for this would be checking less-frequently used inboxes, or perhaps hitting your online bank to check credit card details. If you come up with a killer use case, let's hear it in the comments.

My Weekly Browsing Schedule


    This is probably a bit more of a simple version but still really usefull

    The interesting thing about this extension is that you can choose both the day and the time
    Sometimes I have websites that I like to look at before work and then different sites in the evening
    I see that the developer is also a local Aussie

    Thanks for featuring my Firefox extension :)
    The "killer app" for me is the stockmarket

    I originally wrote the add-on to help me follow the stock market by opening different websites at different times of the day to receive market data, broker reports, economic reports, analyst reports, commodity prices, futures contracts etc

    Now I use it for weekly items such as: banking, ebay, trading post, webmail, tech sites etc that you might visit once or twice a week to keep up to date

    Yay- now my browser can spoon-feed me my daily dose of webcomic goodness! xkcd on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, QC every weekday, and so on. Lovin' this plugin.

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