Mod Your Lantern-Style Flashlights To Use A Rechargeable Battery

Big, bulky lantern-style flashlights are super easy to find when the power goes out, but the batteries they require can be draining on the wallet. This small modification lets it work with a rechargeable battery to ease the cost.

Lantern style flashlights are a handy thing to have around the home, and stashed away in your camping gear. They're easy to find and can light up a tent like no one's business, but their inability to be charged back up when the battery has been drained seems ridiculously cumbersome in an age where 90 per cent of our gadgets and gizmos are rechargeable.

Jake over at DIY weblog The Steampunk Workshop has devised a way around this frustration. He utilised the power from a 4Ah-6 volt rechargeable lead acid battery found at his local hardware store. With a discarded wall-wart, a few alterations and some soldering, the original case holds its new rechargeable power supply and should pay for itself in 2-3 uses.

Rechargable Lantern Battery Flashlight Mod [Steam Punk Workshop]


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