MinimizeToTray Revived Puts Firefox In Your System Tray

Windows only: Firefox extension MinimizeToTray Revived puts Firefox in your system tray, and replaces the popular MinimizeToTray extension that has been abandoned and doesn't support Firefox 3 or later.

Once you've installed the extension, Firefox will start minimising directly to the system tray, though there are lots of choices in the options panel for how you would like to minimise the window — you can choose to minimise automatically, replace the close button with minimise or even use a toolbar button instead. If you want to put Firefox in the system tray, it's definitely worth a look.

MinimizeToTray Revived is a free download, works for Firefox on Windows.

MinimizeToTray Revived [Mozilla Add-ons via How-To Geek]


    You could also download and install TrayIt which is a free applications.

    Not only does it allow you to tray firefox....... but you can setup profiles for ANY application.

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