Macquarie Edge: The One-Stop Solution For Self Directed Investors

If you’re an investor who trades online, you are the majority. According to the ASX, 56% of Australians who bought shares in the last two years, did so through the internet—and this number is rising. Now, with Macquarie’s new online trading platform, investors can have what they’ve always wanted: a personalised, comprehensive solution.

It’s called Macquarie Edge and it brings together a variety of elements you need to build and diversify your portfolio, including news and analyst commentary, company profiles and financials, quality market information, and access to Macquarie’s leading research. All trading is done in real time, and if you can’t be there to watch it happen, you can keep up with SMS and email alerts. Macquarie Edge also gives you access to a unique community functionality, so you can talk about your achievements with family and friends. But that’s just the start of it. With the broad range of tools and features on offer, Macquarie Edge has what you need to help make smart investment decisions.

Hit up Macquarie’s website and see it for yourself: Macquarie Edge.

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