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You wanted free software galore, you wanted free flying advice and you wanted higher download limits. Kick off your Lifehacker Monday by making sure you didn't miss any of the biggest posts from last week:

  • Four Airlines In One Day: The Lessons Learned
    Yesterday I flew all four domestic airlines — Jetstar, Qantas, Tiger and Virgin Blue — in a single day, without any of the delays I (or many readers) expected. I can’t recommend it as a way for anyone else to spend their time, but it does provide some useful lessons about air travel in Australia.
  • 60 Free Apps We're Most Thankful For (Windows/Mac/Linux) We don’t do Thanksgiving down under, but we can still be thankful for the huge bounty of free software we can enjoy every day of the year.
  • New BigPond Plans Finally Have Reasonable Download Limits
    Telstra has made major changes to the prices of its BigPond ADSL broadband services. One welcome change is the elimination of 200MB monthly download limits on its cheapest plans and a shift to shaping on some services, but not all the news is so good.
  • HandBrake Updates To 0.9.4 With Over 1,000 Changes, 64-Bit Support (Windows/Mac/Linux) If you ever have to rip DVDs to your desktop or convert video, you know how awesome open-source encoder HandBrake is. Well, it's just been updated with over 1,000 changes since the last release, including 64-bit support.
  • ABC Ditches HD For Doctor Who
    What’s worse than a TV program not being made in HD? A program being made in HD but then the local broadcaster decided to show the SD version. That’s what’s happening with the latest episodes of Doctor Who.
  • Device Doctor Is A Free Driver Update Scanner With Promise (Windows) Driver update utility Device Doctor finds outdated drivers on your PC, and helps you download the latest version-without charging you a dime.
  • iView Now Working On PS3
    It’s been in the works for some time, but numerous Twitter users over the weekend reported that the ABC’s well-regarded and recently redesigned iView service is now working on the PS3.
  • My Movies 3 Is A Beautiful Movie Add-On For Windows Media Center (Windows) My Movies is a free plug-in for Windows Media centre designed to manage and play all of your movies within Windows Media centre, pulling in rich metadata for your movie collection, including cast, trailers, DVD art and more.
  • Fishbowl Brings Facebook To Your Desktop (Windows) Fishbowl, the Facebook client demoed at Microsoft's introduction to Silverlight 4, is now available for download-and it adds quite a few new desktop features to the Facebook experience, including badges, a mini news feed, and more.
  • Dell Offers Customised Chrome OS Build For Mini 10V Netbooks (Chrome OS) If a Dell Mini 10V netbook was on your Black Friday shopping list, you're in luck-at least if you're the hacking type. A Dell technologist posted instructions on running Google's Chrome OS on the 10V.
  • MouseExtender Launches Programs With Two Clicks (Windows) The Windows 7 taskbar is pretty convenient, but if you are running an older version of Windows (or are just looking for a cool mouse-based launcher), MouseExtender is a sleek program that launches with one click of the mouse.
  • Firefox 3.6 Beta 4 Available With Many Fixes (Windows/Linux/Mac) Nobody told Mozilla's developers it's a day off. They've just pushed out a fourth beta of Firefox 3.6, with more than 100 fixes from the last beta and more add-on security and compatibility.
  • Opera 10.10 With Unite Media Server Released (Windows/Mac/Linux) Opera's out with a 10.10 final release, and this one includes the Opera Unite personal media server we've previously toured in beta. A few other features, like built-in BitTorrent, make Opera 10.10 worth a look.
  • Docky Separates from GNOME Do, Still a Clever Linux App Dock (Linux) Application launcher GNOME Do has a "theme" called Docky that we dubbed an intelligent Linux interface. Now Docky is its own (alpha-level) application, bringing many of its best features over and setting the stage for many more.


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