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You wanted better TV choices, you wanted private browsing, you wanted Firefox 3.6, you wanted cheap routers. Kick off your Lifehacker Monday by making sure you didn't miss any of the biggest posts from last week:

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  • Internet Shaping For Beginners
    Shaping — lowering the speed of your Internet connection once you’ve exceeded your monthly download limits — is an annoying but seemingly permanent feature of the Australian communications landscape. Lifehacker 101 explains the issues surrounding shaping you need to consider before choosing your Internet service provider (ISP).
  • How To Really Browse Without Leaving A Trace Think that your browser's private mode keeps your browsing completely private? Not so! More often than not, you're still leaving traces of your browsing session behind, and today we'll tell you how to get rid of them for truly private browsing.
  • Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 Officially Available For Download (Windows/Mac/Linux) Mozilla just released the first official beta of Firefox 3.6, featuring built-in support for themes (Personas), improved performance, and more. Early adopters, your download is ready.
  • Dell Offering Insanely Cheap Wireless-N Router
    | It might well be a typo that gets corrected quickly, but Dell is currently selling the Linksys WRT610N for $20.90 delivered — less than a tenth of the standard price.
  • Top Apps That Boost Your Media Centre Streaming video, digital DVD backups, DVR recording—it's all possible from your TV-connected media centre, and you don't need a system administrator to pull it off.
  • Rainmeter 1.1 Makes The Enigma Desktop Even Easier To Use (Windows) The latest version of the popular Rainmeter desktop adds an excellent new tool that makes it easy to manage your library of skins, with previews, detailed setup instructions, and more.
  • Aussies Watching Less TV Than Ever
    It’s hardly likely to be news to the hordes of Channel BT-loving Lifehacker readers, but even Australians without the benefit of strained download limits are watching less television than they used to.
  • Build A Silent, Standalone XBMC Media Centre On The Cheap You won't find a better media centre than the open-source XBMC, but most people don't have the space or desire to plug a noisy PC into their TV. Instead, I converted a cheap nettop into a standalone XBMC set-top box.
  • Five Great Add-Ins To Power Up Your Windows Home Server Console (Windows Home Server) Last week we highlighted the benefits of having a Windows Home Server, including seamless backups and system restoration. Now let's take a closer look at five great add-ins for making the most of your home server.
  • The Train Torture Test Takes On Eurostar
    I've done a lot of testing of how well 3G broadband services work on trains, including two separate attempts at maintaining a connection while travelling to Townsville on high-speed trains. Last week, I upped the speed ante again, seeing if I could maintain a broadband connection while working on the Eurostar between London and Paris.
  • Five Best Application Docks Remember the days of digging through folders of shortcuts and menus to launch applications? These days many users prefer customisable, attractive docks for launching and keeping track of their favourite apps.
  • Allmyapps Bulk-Installs Your Favourite Apps, Makes System Rebuilding Less Painful (Windows/Linux) One of the most irritating things about reinstalling your operating system is installing all the non-OS applications you love. Allmyapps lets you select all your favourite apps and roll them into a bulk installer to make rebuilding easy.
  • Browser Speed Tests: The Windows 7 Results Firefox 3.6 Beta 1, like every other browser, makes a claim to being "faster". We took Firefox and all the other latest browsers, put them on Windows 7, and ran them through our human-measured speed tests to vet the bragging.
  • Dislike 0.2 Adds A Disapproving Dislike Button To Facebook (Firefox) Since the dawn of the Like button on Facebook, people have rallied for it's counterpart, the Dislike button. Although Facebook hasn't stepped up to the plate with their own Dislike button, French developer Thomas Moquet has made it possible for Firefox users.
  • Open A Bottle Of Wine With Your Shoe Got a bottle of wine on hand but no corkscrew to get it open? You can argue all you want about whether or not the guy in this video really needs more wine, but you can't argue with the results.
  • Tabberwocky Supercharges Your Firefox Tabs (Firefox) If you love tabbed browsing in Firefox but want more control over the appearance and functionality of the tabs, you'll definitely want to check out Tabberwocky to supercharge your tabbed browsing.
  • The Illustrated Guide To The New Firefox 3.6 Windows 7 Integration The latest Firefox beta integrates much more fully into Windows 7, adding support for Aero Peek-enabled tabs, an enhanced Ctrl+Tab, and more. We'll show you how they work, and how to enable or disable them.
  • Connectify Restores Wi-Fi Hotspot Powers To Windows 7 (Windows) Windows 7 was supposed to have rather cool wireless sharing tools, basically turning any computer into a Wi-Fi hotspot with any connection. They disappeared in the final release, but a free Connectify beta brings that helpful feature back.
  • XBMC 9.11 Alpha Improves Playback And Skinning Powers (Windows/Mac/Linux) XBMC media centre has dropped a 9.11 alpha release for all platforms, with quality fixes on all three computer platforms and more powerful skinning abilities. If you're not afraid of a bug or two, it's yours to grab.
  • Orb Streams Your Media To Any Computer On Windows And Mac (Windows/Mac) Free application Orb lets you access music, video, and other media stored on your computer from virtually any device (Wii, PS3, cell phone, etc.). It's been around a while on Windows, but today it's also available on the Mac.
  • 7 Taskbar Tweaker Brings Fine-Grained Control To Windows 7's Taskbar (Windows 7) Love Windows 7's new and improved taskbar (we know you do) but wish you could fine-tune a few aspects of its functionality—like middle-click to close and other mouse behavior? Small utility 7 Taskbar Tweaker does just that.


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