Investing Made Easy With Macquarie Edge

If you’re anything like most Australians, you might think online trading is a bit like speaking a foreign language. Most Australians confess to not knowing enough about trading to properly consider taking part, although nearly half of all Aussies wish they were more involved in the sharemarket. When you don’t know much to start with, where do you begin? Macquarie has come up with the answer, and it’s called Macquarie Edge.

Macquarie Edge removes traditional barriers to investing by bringing together everything you need to start a portfolio, or build upon your own. News and insights, company profiles, and market information is presented (without the jargon!) in a personalised, easy-to-understand interface. Placing a trade is a simple three-step process, and with the unique community functionality, you can socialise with your family and friends.

Whether you’re an experienced investor or a newbie to online trading, Macquarie Edge is a site you should visit. Visit Macquarie Edge‘s website for more info.

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