How To Remove Your Bike Chain

BikeRepairBeing able to remove your bike chain is one of those things anyone who owns a bike should be able to do. Blog OzSoapbox details how to go about it in a chatty, experience-filled post.

The post makes the always-welcome point that (as with kitchen knives, to pick a single example), quality equipment makes all the difference:

In principle all chain breakers work in the same manner but I can’t stress enough the importance of a decent one. One of the raised guides designed to hold the chain in place on my elcheapo Super B toolkit from Torpedo 7 snapped clean off on the first use.

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How to remove a bicycle chain from a bike [OzSoapbox]


    Or get a chain with a magic link. Makes you clean the chain more often, since taking the chain off takes about 2 seconds.

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