How Bicarbonate Of Soda Can Save Your Bathroom

How Bicarbonate Of Soda Can Save Your Bathroom
BicarbWe’ve talked about the virtues of bicarbonate of soda (or baking soda for our US cousins) for reviving towels. Tech blogger Gail Lipscombe also found it pretty handy for reviving a messed-up vanity basin.

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Having failed with more high-tech cleaners, Gail was astonished to discover that bicarb did the job better and cheaper:

After trying every cleaning lotion and potion on the supermarket shelf in an attempt to rejuvenate my bathroom vanity basin back to its former glory after years of wear and tear, who’d have thought the solution to my cleaning problem was lurking all the while in the baking goods section?

Given the minimal cost, it’s a pretty low-risk strategy to try with stubborn furniture or bathroom stains. Got your own glorious bicarb story? Scrub it into our comments.

The miracle that is bicarbonate of soda [Gail On Tech]


  • I use Bi-card soda to clean my bathroom sinks all the time.

    Fantastic stuff, just get it wet, apply to your dirty sink and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing it off!

  • I use bicarb a lot. Its wonderful stuff! And cheap too. I cleaned the grout on the floor tiles in our bathroom with it (using a scrub brush) and got rid of the dirt that the mop couldn’t pick up.

    I’ve also used it to clean the oven door glass. It got almost all the built up grease off! I went from having grimy hard to see through glass to crystal clear. Fabulous stuff. It worked great with just the bicarb and a little water, but adding white vinegar made it come up a little better too.

    I heard you can also unblock drains with it, but I’ve not tried that as yet.

  • I burnt a saucepan once (or thrice) and bicarb brought it back to as-new condition. I boiled some water in it with a few tablespoons of bicarb and the burn marks just floated off. For the really stubborn marks, I sprinkled some bicarb over it, left it overnight and the next morning it was as good as new.

    The fact that it’s in a powder form is a bit of a turn-off when it comes to using it around the house. But I’ll keep it in mind if I decide to get up and properly clean something one day.

  • Our household has completely shifted to this stuff. My wife goes nuts with it, it makes you realise what an utter money-grabbing ripoff a lot of commercial cleaners are. Sure, there are situations where you need something dedicated. But most of these off the shelf things are weaker than bicarb and more expensive and toxic.

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