Google Updates Real Estate Features, Street View Cameras

Google Updates Real Estate Features, Street View Cameras

Google has updated the real estate listing features it rolled out in July, making it easier to find and to search on multiple criteria. The Google Maps team is also readying to roll out the Street View cars in Australia once again.

The changes to the real estate service — letting you layer searches according to multiple criteria, adding more local information about services and placing a real estate link in the ‘More’ button on each map — don’t entirely overcome the lack of content from major providers. But it’s a start.

Street View is also a useful resource for home hunters, and while Australia already has pretty good coverage, Google has decided to send its cameras out again to get up-to-date shots in higher resolution. As well as making the images easier to recognise, that will, according to Google, make its face and licence plate-blurring technology work more effectively. There’s no specific launch date other than “in the next year”.

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