Google Testing Out A New Search Look

Google Testing Out A New Search Look

Google has, according to some Gizmodo readers, been randomly offering up a bolder but more condensed view of its home and search results pages to certain users. Take a full-size look at what your future searches may come up on.

Our own tips box isn’t lit up with readers seeing this new, more Google-Wave-like interface, but Gizmodo reader Matt Karolian sent over these pics that look a little bit too polished and thought out to be a reader joke (we’d hope/think). Most notable is the permanent sidebar being shown, which breaks searches down into “News”, “Maps”, “Everything” and the more familiar drop-down “More” options.

What do you think of Google’s maybe-new look? Could the search giant use a new coat of paint after all these years?

Google Search’s New Interface Being Tested Now [Gizmodo]

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