From The Tips Box: Chrome History And Smart Packaging

From The Tips Box: Chrome History And Smart Packaging

Readers offer their tips on searching your history from Chrome’s address bar, and packing with cardboard.

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Search History from Chrome’s Address Bar

atomic1fire shows us a great use for Chrome’s customised searches:

In Chrome, you can use history as a search engine. Right click the address bar, hit customise search engines, and create a new one. Enter the name History, enter any keyword that seems easy, I used h, and type in chrome://history/#q=%s for the url.

Re-Use Disposable Items as Packing Material

lincolnlogs shows us a money-saving way to pack boxes:

Re-use empty egg cartons, tissue boxes and other small light cardboard containers by using them to help fill any empty space while shipping items in boxes a bit too large. It (a) saves on cost of pricey shipping materials such as bubble-wrap and (b) helps protect the item being shipped while having a “second life” to an item that would have normally been trashed (or hopefully recycled). Try it!

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