Foxtel Next Generation Goes Live This Weekend

Foxtel Next Generation Goes Live This Weekend

Foxtel Downloads went live last month, but the majority of Foxtel’s ‘Next Generation’ upgrades — including a brace of new channels, an enhanced program guide and new iQ features such as iSuggest — officially get started this weekend on November 15. Once they’ve hit your set-top box, let us know how they go in the comments.


  • mine has already gone live. this is what i have:

    unlimited favourite channels
    Programme guide restricted to fav channels if i want it to be
    whatch tv while in the guide
    different (ugly) coloured menu system (like the HD box)
    +20min record option (like the HD box always had)
    a power save option that just seems to turn off my box and renders my series link useless

    i think that’s it for now. i’m pretty happy with the new tv guide though, it makes foxtel so much easier to use.. i just set every channel i have as a favourite and then i don’t get excited by channels that i don’t have 🙂

  • Oddly enough, what I am wanting is for Foxtel to push out the new Free To Air channels so I don’t have to keep flipping between devices.

    New interface is slightly better, easier to read on screen when there is a light background. I do like the new recording options and buffering options, would appreciate 7,9 & 10 sticking to their advertised times instead though.

    Still waiting on Foxtel to announce deals with ISPs so that I can download content without blowing my monthly cap.

  • I don’t have the new stations yet, nor have I seen the iSuggest feature yet, but the planner and other items have been activated.

    I really love the orange planner (you can change from blue to orange in the setup menu) and being able to check the planner with just My Favourites shown. Like another user mentioned, I just set all the stations we have access to as favs and then we don’t see the stations we don’t have/don’t like in the planner. I also like the video display in the planner so you can keep watching while you see what else is on!

  • Everything just activated this morning and whilst some features are good, some are complete crap. I agree with Adam, the new interface is ugly. But, I’m loving isuggest and all the new movie channels. And, does anyone know why they moved MTV? Its stupid, the old system where certain genres were grouped together made more sense.

  • I don’t have IQ so get limited extra stuff. We are getting Showcase +2 (but not Showcase strangely) at the moment plus a couple of extra channels (FMC and Star Movies or something) but as they are not part of our package I assume we will lose them soon enough. Hadn’t seen anything advertised about getting ‘trial’ runs for these channels..
    Also, A-Z list of programs hasn’t worked for weeks and stil doesn’t and where is GO and Channel Seven Two???

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