Fix For Netbook Hackintoshes In The Works, Temporary Fix Available

Lifehacker's Hackintosh build upgraded without problems to OS X 10.6.2, but the same wasn't true for hacked netbooks.

According to Gizmodo, the main hacker behind hacked netbooks says the kernel will be fixed for the netbooks' Atom processors. "It'll just take a few weeks." Gizmodo also points out that if you did accidentally update your netbook to 10.6.2, you can still downgrade your kernel to get it working again. Good luck! [Gizmodo]


    Geezz Lifehacker, you are really slipping. There is no "main hacker behind hacked netbooks", up until now you could install retail OS X onto any netbook using the exact same methods used by all other PCs. If you are referring to the "distros" made for certain models, then these are nothing more than a bunch kext included in the install, and certainly doesn't qualify as "hacking". Maybe some fact checking is in order next time.

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