Firefox 3.6 Beta 3 Available With 90+ Bugs Squashed

Firefox 3.6 Beta 3 Available With 90+ Bugs Squashed

Windows/Mac/Linux: The folks at Mozilla continue their steady march towards the release of Firefox 3.6, today releasing an update to Firefox 3.6 Beta 3. The update addresses 90+ bugs from the beta 2 release.

Weblog Mozilla Links also notes that, unfortunately, support for some of the best new Windows 7 features has been removed from 3.6 at this point, meaning no tab previews, jump lists and download progress in the task bar. (Bummer.) Still, if you’re an early adopter who’s been riding the beta train for 3.6, you’ll want to grab the latest beta from Mozilla.

Firefox 3.6 Beta 3 [via Mozilla Links]


  • I’m glad the Windows 7 ‘features’ are gone… I think they were really a step backwards – sometimes I have two firefox windows with say, ten tabs each. Normally I can just click the Firefox icon on the taskbar, and hit the window I want. With the nightly builds, where the tabs would show up separately in the taskbar, it makes it about twenty times harder – you have to pick through a list of 20 different titles, trying to remember what window it was in!

    Even when you only have a few tabs open (and it shows the previews) it’s annoying… I don’t want to see six different thumbnails – I just want to get back to the window I was in.

    It’s annoying, because Windows 7 does an alright job of managing windows, but when you put all the tabs in separately it just becomes a user interaction nightmare. I hope when these features come back they’re easy to turn off!

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